Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wandering in the Nisbet Forest

I took a break from my studies today to take advantage of the fantastic weather.  Taiga and I headed to the Nisbet Forest to spend the day snowshoeing and exploring.  Zoe is in Fond du lac right now so she couldn't join us.  It was a great day for wandering in the forest the sun was warm and there was no wind, the only problem is the lack of snow.  There really wasn't enough to warrant snowshoes but I used them anyway.  For lunch Taiga and I found a nice little sunny spot among a stand of jack pine and made a small fire to boil up some tea.  The lunch menu consisted of cheese biscuits, maple smoked salmon, and cheese.  Taiga had some treats.  While we ate lunch we sat quietly listening the the chickadees, blue jays, gray jays, squirrels, and crows.  Taiga loves to run in the forest and would run as fast and as hard as she could, then she'd dive head first into the snow and plow to a stop.  She's going to sleep well tonight.

 I took this picture to show how little snow there is in the forest

 One of Taiga's favorite things is to chew and sticks.

Boiling water for tea

 Enjoying warm tea by the lunch fire

 Taiga's waiting politely for her lunch

 Taiga doesn't have opposable thumbs so she finds it difficult to operate the camera, so this is a self portrait

She had fun in the snow

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Happy People: A year in Taiga

I came across this fantastic film by Werner Herzog a German film maker, producer, screen writer, actor, and opera director.  The film is an excellent portrayal of life in the Siberian Taiga and how traditional craft skills, and perseverance are needed to make a living from the land.