Friday, January 13, 2012

Paddling in January

On Sunday (Jan. 8th) my good friend Bryan and I decided to take advantage of the warm weather and headed out onto the South Saskatchewan River for a short paddle.  It was a sunny day with only a bit of a breeze.  By the way Bryan is a Paddle Canada certified kayak instructor so if anyone is interested in learning to kayak head over to Coldspring Paddling and check out his scheduled lessons.

 Bryan kayaked while I paddled may homemade canoe

 The ice along shore made getting in a bit tricky

We are very lucky to have such a great river flowing through our city


Bryan Sarauer said...

Thanks for the plug Mark!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting...Visions of the same are dancing through my head today. I am thinking this week I might come to Saskatoon for a quick (kayak) paddle. (Jan 30---)I am contemplating putting in at Rotary park east side and just paddling around between Vic park and the U of S bridge.....any thoughts?

Bryan Sarauer said...

Mr. or Ms. Unkiown, track me down and give me a shout. We can talk about logistics and maybe if you don't mind I would join you.

I think there will be too much ice near Rotary Park, or anywhere else on the east side of the river. Best bet is going to be downstream of the QEII power plant somewhere, maybe near the boathouse. There is way more ice on the river now than there was when Mark & I were out.

Also, do you have the gear to be dressed for immersion? What's going to happen if you run into trouble and end up in the water? Ice along shore makes getting out difficult and that in itself can make things difficult if you are not sure and prepared.


Bryan Sarauer said...

It seems I can't spell. That was supposed to be "Unknown" in that first line.

Unknown said...
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johny said...

i must say i like ur blog ur work is appreciable


Bryan Sarauer said...

We need to go for a paddle again Mark! Today would have been a great day, looking colder for the weekend.

Of course I was paddling last night, but the pool doesn't count.