Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I got wet! Again!!!

Thunder storms and torrential down pours seem to be a running theme for most of my out door pursuits this year. This time I wasn't paddling on a river, rather I was out scouting for deer. Actually it was more of an excuse to get out of the city. We had just got out of the car at one of my favorite hunting spots when I noticed a couple of nice white tail bucks only 75 yards away and as we were watching them threw the binoculars a cotton tail scampered by so close that he could have tripped over our feet. We took these two sightings as a good omen as we excitedly organized our selves. We had anticipated a bit of rain later in the evening but what we were in for was entirely different. As I made my way to a little clearing in which I wanted to sit I flushed out a nice looking doe that didn't seem all too concerned about me. She busted out of the brush and stopped maybe 75 yards away and stayed there for nearly 10 minutes watching me.

I had just settled into a nice little hiding spot when the rain began to fall. It started as a few drops and slowly increased until the rain seem to be coming in sideways. Man it rained hard. By the time I ran the 1 km back to the car I was soaked! We decided that we should get out of there before the field got too soft to drive on.

The storm however was short lived and when it passed the sky was quite amazing. There were interesting cloud formations as well as a great sunset. In total we saw 15 deer, one bunny, and a couple of coyotes and a really great sunset.

An amazing sunset after the storm had passed

Some interesting cloud formations

At times the rain seemed to be coming in sideways

This doe stood and watched me for nearly 10 minutes. I wonder if she had a fawn near by.

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Prairie Voyageur said...

I have seen clouds like that on rare occasions, and learned in the past they are classified as "Mammatus Clouds":

(in case anyone cares to know)

Kind of spooky looking...

Hopefully we'll get some dryer weather later this summer.