Monday, April 25, 2011

Sun, spring flowers, and a bunch of laughs

On Thursday April 21st a small group of paddlers and I opened the canoeing season on Eagle Creek. It was a fantastic day for a paddle, the sun was warm, there was very little breeze and best of all the creek was the highest that I've ever seen it.

Grant sitting in an eddy

The creek was the highest in years. Steve and Jeff skirt the edge of 2 foot standing waves

I counted many barbed wire fences like this one. One fence actually spanned the entire creek and was just inches under water. These are very dangerous places.

We stopped for lunch on a hill side that was protected from the breeze and warmed by the spring sun. We found lots of crocuses blooming, a sure sign that spring is here to stay.

Our lunch spot on the hill side.

The creek claimed it's first casualties. Steve is emptying his canoe after an unintentional swim. The banks were made of ankle deep mud.

Jeff is scooping up the last bit of carnage after their swim.

We took out at the final bridge before the creek dumps into the North Saskatchewan River. It was just a short walk to our waiting vehicle. Which happened to be hung up in a ditch. Way to go Jeff.

The truck is out of the ditch and loaded with all three canoes.


Pawistik said...

Seems to me that STEVE is the common element between this trip and one from a couple of years ago!

Abdul Bari Chanessra said...

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