Sunday, October 3, 2010

Paddle socks

I just found a great buy. While making my usual rounds through the sporting goods section at Canadian tire I came across a rack containing Gun Socks made by Yukon Gear. The label on the package said that they were 54" long, silicone treated and will fit guns with or without scopes. For some time now I have been thinking about getting something to protect my paddles while in transport to the lake and back, and possibly while out on trips. The best part is they were under $12 each. I bought all that was on the rack.

Gun Socks as paddle socks

Package label


M. Sholdd said...

It might seem like a great idea but the silicone treated material is a rust inhibitor and is added to draw moisture away from your paddle. Depending on your paddle - for instance if it was an oiled wooden paddle - this could damage it's finish and cause problems. My father bought these with the same thing in mind and it ruined his beautiful walnut paddle. It went all opaque. He had to sand it down pretty good before re-oiling it to bring it back. For cheap or paddles made from manmade materials - I'm sure it wouldn't hurt - but what do you do if your paddle is a 63" like mine? LOL LOL

Badger Canoe Paddles said...
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Badger Canoe Paddles said...

Sorry I deleted my last comment due to a really bad typo! Anyway... I don't think that the silicone impregnated gun sock would hurt a paddle unless it's made of wood.

But I do know that if there are any scratches, dents, bare areas or areas where the finish has worn thin on a wooden paddle, then there is a very good chance that the silicone will be absorbed by the porous wood making it impossible for any finish, (oil, varnish or otherwise) to adhere to the surface in the future. And it doesn't just sand out either!

If you google it, you will see quite a few gun owners who warn against using a gun sock on a gun that has wood parts. So if your paddle is wood - don't put it in a Gun Sock!!! Otherwise... if your paddle is short enough.. then why not, eh?!! But if you are looking for a real Paddle Sock then check us out at