Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zoe's Otter Tail

Modified Otter Tail with squared tip

My latest paddle is a modified Otter Tail design with a squared off tip. This time the shaft is ash and the blade is laminated with Peruvian Walnut which was fantastic to work with. The board that I bought was the color of dark chocolate and felt as though I was carving chocolate. I'll have to do more projects with it. As I shaped and shaved the blade down the grain really came out and shows as fantastic golden streaks throughout the darker wood. In the sun light I really takes on a rich color. The weight is 690 grams.

I just got back from a canoe trip in northern Saskatchewan where I had an opportunity to use this paddle and was thoroughly impressed with it. It's light, flexible and quiet. The blade measures 25" X 5". The long and narrow blade allows for long paddling days without the muscle pains.

Bear logo

Large, old bear (Cree Syllabics)


Lee said...

Beautiful work!

Prairie Voyageur said...

Wow, very nice! I like the bear logo addition and cree text.