Monday, May 24, 2010

Paddle from Poplar Bluffs

We finally had a break in the weather today so Zoe and I seize the opportunity and headed out for a paddle. We wanted to go for a little bit longer paddle and decided to put in at the Poplar Bluffs canoe launch. Poplar bluffs is a nice little conservation area managed by the Meewasin Valley Authority and is located 7 km south of Saskatoon. Directly across from the put in is Wilson Island, formerly known as Shepley Island. From 1943 to 1951 the island was used as a Sea Cadet Training Camp. The cadets were transported to and from the island on a current driven scow and activities included swimming and rowing. I've been on the island a number of times and haven't found the location of the old cadet camp.

It was good to get on the water again and spring was certainly in the air, all the trees are really becoming green and all the little goslings in their fluffy yellow down were all over the place. It's always good fun watching them scurry around on the shore.

I had a chance to try out my boat tie down anchors that I made a couple of weeks ago. I'm please to report that they work great and held fast as long as they are near a secure point under the hood. I looped the front one around the hood latch and the back one around the trunk latch.

Zoe and I stopped on a sandbar for a quick lunch.

Google Earth image of our route. The distance is 7.5 km.

Google Image of Wilson Island. About 6 years ago when the river flooded the channel through the middle of the island (which is normally dry) had water in it. A friend and I paddled through the island which was interesting and something that I may not get to do again.

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