Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm free at last!

I just finished my last final exam and can now have my life back! For those that do not know, I've quit my job and gone back to school. I am attending the U of S, majoring in Geology.

Now I can get on with some of the projects that have been on hold for the past eight months. This is just a short list of what I've got in mind:

  1. Zoe needs a paddle so I'm going to carve her a paddled based on the Sugar Island design with a few modifications
  2. I know it's a strange time of the year to be thinking about winter persuits but I'm going to build a new pulk, 8 to 9 feet long made of the UHMW plastic. And a new harness and pole system to go with it
  3. Snowshoes, I have been using Arolites from GV they are the new style with the aluminum frames. They are a good snowshoe but they are loud. The deck material that is used crunches very loudly on top of the snow so I thought I would make a pair of old school snowshoes from wood and rawhide with updated bindings
  4. I would like to build a canoe rack in an effort to keep the lawn from dying under the boats
  5. An Ice chisel for opening holes in lake ice to gain access to drinking water while camping
Like I said this is just the short list. (very short)

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