Saturday, April 10, 2010

He lived the way so many of us only dream of......

In 1968, at the age of 51, Dick Proenneke packed up his belongings and moved to a remote area in Alaska called Twin Lakes where he spent the following 30 years living with the land. Alone, Dick filmed and documented his experiences living from the land, building a cabin from the surrounding forest. In his films Alone in the Wilderness, The Frozen North and Alaska Silence and Solitude, Dick gives a no nonsense account of life in the Alaskan interior and demonstrates a great deal of practical knowledge traditional methods and resourcefulness relating to life in the north. He fashions everything that he needs on site with only hand tools, a log cabin built with only an axe, handsaw and a homemade wooden mallet, he also builds a furniture, bowls and buckets, a kick slay and snowshoes. Here is a short clip from his film, Alone in the Wilderness that I found on youtube.

Alone in the Wilderness

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