Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moose team broke to pull

Zoe and I spent the afternoon, yesterday, wandering around on the trails of the Little Red River park just north of Prince Albert. With snow on the trees and very little wind , it was a great day to be in the woods. At the end of the day we stopped at the Cosmo Lodge. As I was reading some of the postings on the wall I came across the following newspaper clipping pinned to the wall. I don' t know which paper it came from but the photo intrigued me. It's not every day you run into a little known piece of the past, and in a ski lodge of all places. I did a quick search on the internet for the names mentioned in the article and didn't come up with much but did find some information for the town of Makinak, Man.


Pawistik said...

Hi Mark,
So, How did you guys like Little Red? How was the snow? What trails did you get through?

Lee said...

Ialways wondered if Moose could be broke to pull, and always assumed not as I never seen anyone who did.

cheers for that.

Leigh said...

Dugald McKinnon was actually my great-grandfather. The moose were orphaned when a hunter shot their mother and my great-grandfather raised them. He actually drove the moose to North Dakota when he eloped with his wife, and the moose were supposed to be part of Barnum and Bailey's Circus, with Dugald as their handler, but one of the moose died, and the other shortly after.