Sunday, January 18, 2009

How could I resist

What a great day! I got up early this morning and went out into the country for some snowshoeing. The snow was deep and powdery and as I made my way in the clearings between the trees three whitetail deer, a doe and two fawns, bounded off. I don't think that they had winded me since the wind was in my face, they must have heard me coming. And to top off a great morning, on the drive home I saw what looked like 6 sharp tail grouse sitting in a tree top. When I got out of the car to get a closer photo they took off and it was then that I realized that there was more than double that number.

The sun was warm and the breeze light, and I spent my afternoon on the water with my good friend Ellen. Paddling in the middle of the winter is what most canoeists and kayakers dream about so when the weather turns warm, the river is where you'll find a few dedicated poeple. In Saskatoon we are lucky to have the outflow from the power plant, upstream, from the city which keeps a channel of open water all year round. This winter the current is strong due to higher water levels that normal. As we paddled up stream to the plant a fat beaver was sitting in the snow at the waters eadge enjoying a meal but when he saw us approaching he launched himself into the water. We also saw no fewer than 3 robins. I've heard reports of robins being seen all winter and they certainly do winter over from time to time but this is the first time that I've seen a robin in the dead of winter.

On such a nice day it was no surprise that we would run into other paddlers. Viki of Kingston Kayak instruction was also out enjoying the day.

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Middle Earth Garden said...

Glad to see the weather doesn't stop you! An inspiration to enjoy the outdoors in all (or most?) weather conditions...

Quick question if you don't mind me asking: I am considering doing a down river trip on the South Saskatchewan River at the end of this month, but due to dry conditions this spring, I am concerned the levels may be too low for the River to be reasonably navigable. My canoeing partner is a beginner paddler so I don't want anything too challenging or gruelling (i.e. images of hauling the canoe over silt/sand/gravel/rock bars all day flash in my mind and doesn't come across as fun). I have done several wilderness paddles on lakes but not rivers, so I am new to rivers also. Your opinion on this would be greatly appreciated.