Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It is painted!

Just a brief update on the boat. It is now painted. Martin and I applied the paint on Saturday evening, the day before we left for the Torch River. I was hoping to paddle it on the Torch but the paint would not have been curred. This evening before I went to the boathouse I stopped by the boat shop and bolted in the seat and thwarts.

Martin brought it down to the boathouse and took it for a paddle in the wind. It got his approval. When I was finished with the orientation it was my turn to take it out on the water. The boat paddles very nice, it tracks well and turns fairly well for a 17 foot boat. It is also very stable.


Anonymous said...

Sweet looking boat Mark! That extreme tumblehome reminds me allot of some Wenonah solo boats (the Kruger designed Advantage. However this boat has NO rocker at all and are designed for fast cruising on flat water. The specs of yours seem to be a cross between a solo touring boat (maybe a bell Merlin) and a WW boat with some added length thrown in. Looks like it would be fun to paddle. If it were mine I would probably put a high efficiency foil rudder on it and use a kayak paddle some of the time - Heresy! Heresy! Evoke the spirit of Bill Mason and banish me from Canoeland. In all seriousness it is a good looking boat.


Pawistik said...

Steve, has anyone ever mentioned that you're a trouble maker?

Looks good Mark. I look forward to the performance report once heavily loaded. What do think it will take for a proper evaluation? Say, 1,400 km or so?