Friday, May 16, 2008

The countdown is on!

30 Days! It seems surreal that in a month I'll be leaving on my trip to the coast. All the money, effort and planning is starting to come together into what will be a great adventure. It is time to start preparing myself mentally and physically. This spring has been very busy and I haven't had the time to get on the water and paddle as much as I would have liked but I am going canoing this evening and hope to paddle on a regular basis until I leave. Mental preparation is far more important than physical. Even though there may be calm waters and the sun on my face it is still possible to be in a bad place if I'm constantly thinking about the loneliness. One of the ways that I prepare is to use visualization techniques. It is very easy to over romantisize the trip and to convince myself that it is going to be sunny and warm every day. I visualize myself paddling along the shoe, alone, or in camp under my tarp cooking a hot meal in the rain. Throughout the trip, controlling my fears and mind is key. On a wet and cold day, instead of just wanting to go home I take comfort in knowing that I will have a warm fire at the end of the day to boost my spirit or a warm and dry sleeping bag.

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