Saturday, May 31, 2008

15 days and counting

I can't believe it, only 15 days left until it's time to hit the water. This weekend I outfitted the boat with a spray deck that I made ,as well as a set of D-ring anchors and the chine bag that I made. I had thought more than once about making my own spray deck for the canoe and after a negative experience with a deck manufacturer I decided to give it a try. It was a huge learning curve but after some trial and error or many errors I finally came up with something that I was happy with. Because the canoe isn't a standard shape that meant that nothing on the deck would be a standard shape either. In the photo the skirting around the cockpit is rolled up and secured out of the way. I also added attachment points for my map case and solar panel, which I use to recharge my batteries while on extended canoe trips. A pocket was also added for a spare paddle.

Now that the boat and spray deck are finished I can turn my attention to the many small details I have yet to complete for the trip.


Pawistik said...

The spray deck looks great Mark.

Pawistik said...

Hi Mark,
I picked up my new canoe yesterday! Now, I can add a spray deck to my list of projects I want to undertake in the not-too-distant future. I'll be talking to you about the project before I start. Do you have a good idea what it cost you? Your version is all one piece, right?