Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paddle update

Well work on the paddle has slowed some what but I was able to work on it today at lunch. To make the templates for both the blade and grip I first took accurate measurements from the paddle blank that I had glued together. I then, using CorelDraw, drew half of the shape of the blade and grip, paying close attention to achieving appealing curves. I then copied and mirrored it and printed it out on paper. This way I was able to create a perfectly symmetrical template. I cut out the shape then taped it to the paddle blank and traced around it.

Today I transfered the shape of the grip to the paddle blank and used a jig saw to rough in the shape. I then used a rasp and the crooked knife to shape the grip the rest of the way. It is important to take off equal amounts of material from either side, this way the grip will stay symmetrical.

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