Sunday, March 23, 2008

I just couldn't wait!

It was such a nice day today and I just couldn't wait to get the boat on the water so we took it to the river for a test drive. The boat at this point weighs only 35 lbs. When we set it in the water and I went to step in the bottom oil caned up so Martin decided that it wasn't a good idea to paddle it today. I wouldn't want to put any creases in the hull. We'll lay up a few more layers of kevlar in the bottom, then it should be stiff enough. I guess I'll just have to weight a few more days.

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Pawistik said...

Hi Mark,
Are you going to add foam core at all to the floor for stiffness? They tell us (those that seem to know these things) that one of the benefits of strip building is that the separation of 2 fiberglass structures by 1/4" gives added rigidity similar to an I-beam. They also say that in order to achieve the same strength & stiffness, fiberglass needs to be much thicker & therefore heavier. Of course I refer to "they" because I have no first-hand knowledge myself. I'm sure Martin knows more than most about the principles & applications.