Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Expedition Update

When ever I have time I've been working on some of the expedition logistics. I spent a bunch of time this evening on my travel schedule. Here is what I came up with.

La Ronge to Island Falls 265 Km, 14 days
La Ronge to Pukatawagan 372 Km, 19 days
La Ronge to Leaf Rapids 568 Km, 28 days
Leaf Rapids to Chiupka Lk. 159 Km, 8 - 12 days
Chiupka LK to Hudson Bay 634 Km, 32 days

There has been a fire that passed through the Barrington River area (Chiupka Lake area). As a result there are a great deal of dead trees fallen over, making the job of portaging very, very, very difficult. This is why it may take up to two weeks to travel 159 km's. Kyla and Dan's trips notes have been most helpful for this area.

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