Monday, March 10, 2008


By the time I arrived at the shop after work Martin had pulled, with some difficulty, the kevlar shell from the plug. It is nice to finally have a look at the boat right side up. Unfortunately, because of the unusual shape of the hull, we could not seal up the stems when laying up the kevlar. The gunwales are so much narrower than the hull at it's widest point so we left the stems separate in order to be able to flex the the sides outwards to clear the plug. In the second photo we have fashioned and inserted a foam stem. This one is sanded to shape. Layers of kevlar and S-glass will now be applied to make a seamless and rigid stem. The foam is only there to give the fabrics shape and can be removed afterward. To finish off the evening we clamped some temporary gunwales in place to check the final shape that the boat will have. We Then ripped some ash strips which will be formed into the final gunwale.


murray2paddles said...

Mark, as of last week the skin of your canoe was sitting as rolls of cloth in boxes in my shop. It is always exciting to see it come to life as a new canoe. Your project it looking great. I have learned real fast that when you talk to Martin about a project you better be prepared to do it real soon.
I will not wish you good weather on your upcoming trip as that would remove all the fun and excitement involved in tripping. so instead, just enjoy all of it.

Pawistik said...

Hi Mark, the canoe is looking good!