Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paddle to the Bay - Menu

I am up to my elbows in dehydrated beef! One of the toughest parts of going on an extended solo canoe trip is preparing a well balance menu. I think that the toughest part is being able to bring and consume enough protein to sustain my body. Red meats don't exactly keep all that well without being refrigerated. One of the techniques that I use to keep meat for a long time is to dehydrate ground beef. I first cook it, then rinse it and dehydrate it. After it is dried I vacuum seal it. When prepared this way beef will stay good for months even with out refrigeration. And when it's rehydrated for cooking it's just as good as fresh beef.

On extended expeditions lasting more than 2 months, the bodies vitamin supply becomes depleted so it is important to bring a good quality multivitamin.

I'll post a copy of my menu shortly.

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