Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Paddle to the Bay, Solo Expedition 2008

Many of you may know that I'm leaveing on an extended canoe trip this summer. Paddle to the Bay, Solo Expedition 2008. I am scheduled to begin on June 15th and will finish up at the end of August. The plan is to paddled solo from La Ronge, SK to the Hudson Bay in Northern Manitoba. I will be gone for 70 days and will cover over 1400 km's. My route will take me across Lac La ronge and down the Rapid River. After portaging around Nistowiak Falls, my route will follow the Churchill River all the say into Manitoba. Shortly after passing Leaf Rapids, I’ll turn northwest to paddle/pole upstream along the Barington River to Barington Lake. After following a few small creeks fruther north, I’ll portage over the height of land onto the South Seal River, which will lead me to Big Sandy Lake andeventually to Tadoule Lake. From there my route lay dues east along the Seal River Proper. The goal of the trip is to end at the coast of the Hudson Bay, where I will be picked up by a barge and transported to Churchill. The stretch of coast line from the mouth of the Seal River and Churchill is much too dangerous to attempt paddling by canoe.

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