Monday, February 25, 2008

Carbonfibre Canoe Paddle

I've decided to take the classic Otter Tail canoe paddle and give it a face lift. Using cedar I am going to build a paddle from the beginning. So far I've got the wood glued up in a rough shape of a paddle. this is a lunch break project so my progress will likely be slow but that's fine. Because I am using cedar which is a soft wood I'll have to leave the shaft a bit thicker. Many paddle shafts are roughly 1" in diameter but I will take mine down to 1 1/4". The blade length will be 25" long and 5" wide. The paddle will have an over all length of 57". To finish off the blade I intend to laminate carbonfibre on either side. This will make the paddle very light and look great!

I intend on using this paddle for my expedition.

I am also planning on making a matching whitewater version.

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